Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure

Before Pinkerton Road was Pinkerton Road, Jane and Robert started work on a kid’s e-book that was self-funded and was the first glimmer of a momentous idea – “Hey, why not just develop our own games?” The title is based on the couple’s beloved English bulldogs.

As you might expect from a game designer, Lola & Lucy goes way beyond most kid’s e-books. There are 30 pages filled with animations, sound effects and mini-games. In the story, Lola and Lucy meet a champion sheep herding dog who tells them that all dogs are supposed to have a job. Lola and Lucy run away from home to find theirs, and after many misadventures they learn the true meaning of a dog’s life.

Jane worked with developer Signus Labs on the e-book. The images of the dogs are based on photographs of the real Lola and Lucy.

Lola & Lucy’s Big Adventure is sure to become one of your children’s favorite interactive books! Coming Spring 2012.